Essay / Paper Writing Guidelines:

Please download these simple guidelines
For more guidance, please review the following...

1. Word Process all essays /papers assigned to be done at home
2. Intro - Body - Closure format is required
- Each new idea can be a new paragraph. Minimum is three paragraphs and all essays should have this as the base setup. One paragraph is not an essay
3. Scored using school wide writing rubric. Found in Handbook and given out in class.
- Standard = a score of 40-43 (out of a possible 50 points)
- Your score is the lowest score in the rubric categories. Please read and think about all the rubric criteria BEFORE you begin writing your essay
- Mechanical standard means that you have one inch margins, word processed and three spelling, typos etc. or less. You CANNOT have a standard essay with more than three mechanical mistakes. Three mechanical mistakes or less will result in a deduction of one point per mistake from your final score. However the forth mistakes drops your overall score to below standard. In order to exceed standard there should be no mechanical / set up mistakes
- Content standard will be given in the assignment. In order to Exceed Standard, you must provide more than the content standard given for each essay
4. Remember late assignments are given a 10 point deduction from the final score and late is the END of YOUR class period. You can avoid this by emailing me your essay as a word document attachment with the proper mechanical set up. I will NOT score essays typed in the body of an email. I must be able to print it in the required format. LATE is the end of your class period. Some Hints:
  • When students are working at home with PowerPoint in Office 2007 they should use the save as type drop down list and select
  • PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation (*.ppt)
  • When students are working at home with Word in Office 2007 they should use the save as type drop down list and select
  • Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc)
  • When students are working at home with Excel in Office 2007 they should use the save as type drop down list and select
  • Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls)
They would then be able to work on their files and show them at the HS.
5. Use size 12 font with one inch margins as the basic format for all collected written assignments (Arial or Times New Roman font only). Double space the body of all essays.
6. Use a proper heading on all essays. Essays do not need titles, but should have headings. Headings should be left-justified, single-spaced.

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