Ancient Civilizations
How Cave Dwellers Worked - Early Humans
How Animal Domestication Works - Early Humans; Neolithic Revolution (added 10/28/14)
The Origins of Cheese - Early Humans; Neolithic Revolution
The Phoenician Alphabet - Phoenicians
Embalming & Mummification Rituals - Egypt (and others)
How The Rosetta Stone Works - Egypt
How the Great Wall of China Works - China

Classical Civilizations
The First Olympics - Greece
Crucifixion in the Greco-Roman World
The Battle of Marathon - Greece, Persia
Hypatia of Alexandria - Hellenistic Era
The Antikythera Mechanism - Hellenistic Era
The Rise & Fall of Carthage - Rome
Zenobia & the Roman Empire
Boudica, Warrior Queen - Rome

Cross-Cultural Ethics

The Middle Ages
Was an Irish Monk the First European in the Americas?
Abelard & Heloise: A Love Story
Avicenna: Middle Age Genius of the Islamic World...or the smartest man to live through the Middle Ages
How the Papacy Works
The Other Pope Benedict who Resigned
Who was Good King Wenceslas?
The Battle of Hastings
How the Bayeux Tapestry Works
The White Ship & Empress Matilda
Margery Kempe, The Mystic
How the Spanish Inquisition Worked
The Reconquista & the Alhambra
The Secret Science of Alchemy

Renaissance, Reformation, and Change
Death at the Duomo: The Pazzi Conspiracy - Renaissance
Savoranola, the Unarmed Prophet - Renaissance
Catherine D'Medici, Italian Orphan - Renaissance
A Medici Marriage: Marguerite-Louise D'Orleans - Renaissance
Medici Murders and a Basket Baby - Renaissance
The Mysterious Death of Christopher Marlowe - Elizabethan England
The Trial of Tycho Brahe - Change
Who was Juana de la Loca? - Change, Spain

How Salt Works - A World History
How the Musketeers Worked
Accused by a Ghost - London's Cock Lane Ghost - 1760s
Hessians - 1770s
Gertrude Bell, The Uncrowned Queen of Iraq - 1890s - Part 1 & Part 2
Who wore the Pink Triangle? - World War II
How HeLa Cells Work - Science & Medicine
Jane Austen - Literature
Mugshot: Alphonse Bertillion - Crime/Police
Rosa Bertin, the First Fashion Designer - Fashion
Simon Bolivar, the Liberator - Revolutionaries
The Empress of Austria & Her Cult - Women in History
The Mysterious Disappearance of Agatha Christie - Women in History, Literature
The Race to the South Pole - Adventure, Exploration
The Rite of Spring Riot - Music
Was Malthus Right about the Carrying Cap of the World Population? - Math, Science
What was the Most Peaceful Time in History?
The Discovery of Longitude - Exploration, Navigation
The Flu Epidemic of 1918 - World War I, Medicine
A Brief History of Colors - Includes MUREX!!!