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Welcome to my site. Available on this site are helpful links for students and parents. These links include a resources, assignments, and various materials concerning upcoming projects. This site is updated regularly.

My Educational Philosophy and Mission:
AKA, Why I Teach

As an educator, I will be a scholar-practioner, both in my own learning and assisting student learning. It is my responsibility to facilitate students as they become active participants in their education and work to reach their maximum potential. Promoting free thought, I will aid in developing the significant skills in education: critical thought, conjecture, analysis, and clear self-expression. Additionally, I will establish, and hold students to, high expectations in the classroom. In the students, education should foster respect and responsibility, both for themselves and others. I will raise students to high levels of moral character, including self-discipline and personal accountability. By doing these things, I will enrich their experiences, and help prepare students to meet the challenges of an ever changing world, empowering them to make a difference in that world.
~Christopher J. Pagliaro
Social Studies Teacher

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This site is updated regularly. Check back for updates...